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Jaime Papa
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United States
I have a live stream now!

Every monday at 5pm EST

Please enjoy :3

Please call me Rabiesgirl or Rabies for short :3
No I never had rabies before. get over it.
I happily work as a lunch lady in an elementary school
I wish to be an art teacher someday so school is a must >.>
I love pokemon. Haters gonna hate.
no matter my age I'm pretty sure I will always be more then 50% kid and less then 10% mature...
My fave color is blue...any shade of blue. every blue ;A;
Pikachu is the best.
I'm a grade A procrastinator.
(insert more info when I get a chance)



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ok so I lost the core membership for starters... but thats ok. honestly its not as bothersome. the ads arent as IN MY FACE as they used to be so im ok with it.

now on to why i havent been on.

I stopped DA for a bit while I waited for sun and moon. after they came out I played them for like two full months non stop. along with school and work I stayed very busy. doodling on paper but never actually doing anything HERE.

and NOW that everything has settled I can explain myself why it took so long for me to come back ;A;

So work was REALLY hard for a time and I ended up having panic attacks alot. 

once those settled down My mother ended up with cancer.

after that news we got into a fight with my landlord.

I spent a month cleaning my mother, draining her tubes (after surgery like this she needed draining tubes put into her) I had to measure and clean each of the four tubes and clean HER up around them and place new clean patches over them. Once in the morning after I did breakfast at my first job. and again once I got home from lunch at the second job (same job, different locations >.>)

She found out she would need chemo and around that time we had to move out of the house (remember that landlord fight I told you about? yeah well she didnt want to turn the heat on for my mother and told her the cancer wasnt her problem)

VERY stressful for THAT whole month.

now my mother went to the house upstate (we owned for years but could never live there because jobs wouldnt transfer and BS like that.) so she is there with my dad and her sister lives next door so thats good...

than she got an infection where the stitches were.... so they had to reopen her two more times to clean it out.....

My boyfriends parents opened their house to me to stay which was great ;A; I pay them rent. I found a new job in the area in the span of like...3 days XD unfortunately it pays much less than my old job but I need something >.>

So with school finals and papers and work training dealing with my own personal mental issues... I havent really drawn properly in a while. I plan on putting up the sketches or finishing doodles I have done but not for a while still. I am so sorry if I owe anyone anything... Voices.... gift art... I'm sure there is more >.> but damn...when people say life has its ups and downs I didnt know how far down my life could go when honestly I'm well off compared to other people with poorer areas... its just hard when I never had to handle this.

Without mom around to help me and push me its even harder...and to see her in the hospital it hasnt been easy. for 25 years I lived with my mother. Never left her side. so its hard. healthy for me. but hard.
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Jasperinity Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Happy birthday! :D
Jiharu-Ikumiya Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016
Hey, it's been a long time but thank you for the llama :3
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ginryuumaru Featured By Owner Edited Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thx for the llama! XD
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Dracheron Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, long time no see.
Well, thanks for the llama, I like receiving them very much, they are somewhat an uncommom gift for me.
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Fluffypuppy77 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcome back to DA!
Missed ya!
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